Staffordshire Family Services Directory

Looking for childcare?

This section of the directory will help you find a whole range of childcare that is Ofsted registered or approved, such as:

- Childminders
- Day Nurseries and Pre schools
- Out of school Care (before and after school clubs)
- School Wraparound Provision
- Holiday Schemes

Looking for childcare in Staffordshire? 
- Simply input the postcode or area you live into the Town or Postcode box at the top of the page.
-From the All categories box also at the top of the page, select the type og childcare you need: childminders, nurseries, preschools, extended services.
-Then click search.  Get the best out of your search.

You will be able to view information on a childcare provider by simply clicking on the name of a chosen childcare provider and you will  see information such as: contacts details, inspection grade, costs, hours, vacancies and more.

*Childcare providers are responsible for updating their own information.