Staffordshire Family Services Directory

Help with searching

There are a number of ways to search. You can use just a single search such as from your home postcode, or a combination of searches such as home postcode and childare type (i.e. childminder). The more filters you use the more refined the seach result will be to meet your needs for childcare.

The quickest way to search use:
You will see 3 boxes, use these filters individually or you can use multiple filters at the same time.

-The best way to search is by using the search boxes/ filters called Town and Postcode and All categories

-In the Town and Postcode box input your home posctode, area or town where you would like to search for the your childcare.

-Then click on the arrow in the All Categories box and you will see a range of options that you can select such as childminders, day nurseries, preschool, free places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds and so on. Once you make your selection click the box called search and you will be presented with your results.

- You will see these by distance from the postcode, area or town you added, the distance (as the crow flies) will also be shown for your reference.

-Click on the provider name to find details of vacancies, hours, costs, school pick/ drops offs etc for each individual provider.

Creating yourself a shortlist for printing, saving or emailing.
-Once you have you have your results you can create a list by adding selected  childcare providers to a shopping basket, just as if you were shopping online. You can then print off, save to your computer for later or email to yourself or a friend. To do this against chosen providers click on Add to shortlist

-click the Shortlist box (see purple bar -right) and you will see your refined search results. The more providers you add to the shortlist you will see that the number in brackets goes up,  i.e if you have selected 5 providers you will see Shortlist (5)

- To see details on hours, vacancies, costs, inspection grade  etc click on the link in each provider: Show full details  On the right side of the webpage you also have the option to Print Shortlist (you can save from this option also) or to Email Shortlist to yourself or a friend.

-See more advice on creating and using Shortlists

Other ways of searching and further info

Find a Service box (Keywords Search)
Just type in a word into the the 'Find a service...' (box) at the top of the page and by clicking search will show results related to that word. For example you could put in a part name of a childminder or nursery that you know and you will see all the options in the list linked to the word/s you have searched for.

"Browse by Categories" boxes (advice and guidance).
On the homepage there are 5 boxes  which are a more detailed version of the search options available in the All Categories search. Clicking on the catergories will take you to a page with advice and guidance i.e. help with childcare costs, types of childcare, how to apply for funded places and so on.

-To search click on the browse box of your choice (i.e. Childcare). You will be presented with information and links that you might find useful.

-You can now refine your search by using the links on the left side channel called Narrow by Category. This allows you to filter more specifically, such as the type of childcare i.e childminder or nurseries or preschools.

-Once you have narrowed down your search filters, simply input your postcode, area or town in the Town or Postcode box at the top of the webpage, then click search.

-You will now be presented with your search results for review and you can now add to a shortlist and print off or email as described above.

Sorting your search results
You can change the sort order of your search results using the options that are shown above your list. Depending on the type of search that you have done, your results can appear in any of the following sort orders:

Distance: Sorted by distance (if you have done a postcode search)- this is a default setting. You will also be able to change your distance i.e 1mile: 5miles.
Relevance: Sorted by relevance (i.e. the best match to your search).
Title: Sorted alphabetically (i.e. in A-Z order of title with numbers first).