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Logging in and updating your childcare records

Your registered account gives you access to securely update your childcare record/s.  Changes and additions you submit for your record/s will need to be approved by our team before it appears live on this website for the public to view. 

Logging into your account:
Step 1:To access your account simply input your registered email and password in the fields to the left of this page and click sign in.

Step 2: When logged into your account click on the folder- Childcare Provider Updates. Before making any changes it is important that you read the guidance notes that are found within the folder, this will inform you on how best to amend your record and how fields should be filled in.

Step 3: Your childcare record/s will be found at the top of the same page. Click on the update box on the right side to access and amend record/s. You are now ready to start updating your childcare details.

Step 4: Your updates will come to our team for approval and uploaded to your webpage. Most updates are processed within 1 day and within a maximum of 5 days. We do not contact providers once the upload has been completed, but we will contact you if there are any queries to the information you have supplied.